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Coffee bean roaster at Krankies Coffee, Winston-Salem, NC. Chris was roasting beans when I got up this morning, and he showed me how the machine works. I did not realize that the beans start out greenish-white in color and only turn brown on roasting. Duration of roasting and temperature determine the darkness of the roast. The beans are poured into the funnel at the top and then go into a rotating drum which spins above a row of gas jets. They are roasted to the desired darkness, which is determined by time, temperature, color, and sound; the beans can be heard, a bit like sparse popcorn, as they expand and burst their husks. When they are ready, the operator opens the door and the beans pour out into the lower tub, where rotating arms stir and cool the beans. This coffee roaster dates from the early 70s at least, and was built by M. & E. EAKANTAPHE in Greece.

6 November 2007

A drawing of a coffee bean roaster in Winston Salem, NC