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Milwaukee, WI

The apartment of Tony Schwader, across the street from the club, Mad Planet in Milwaukee, WI. I got up early to drop the van keys off at Joes Auto, which conveniently shares a parking lot with Mad Planet. The van just barely made it to the show. We were losing electrical power and steering fluid. The bracket that holds the steering fluid pump in place became metal-fatigued and broke, causing the serpentine belt to throw. It is kind of amazing we made it here. Now we are waiting to hear from Joes Auto and I wonder how long we will be stuck in Milwaukee. We are supposed to be in Minneapolis tonight, but I think that is unlikely. It is early still, and Mark and Dan are still sleeping, or trying to sleep. Maybe I will try to nap more in a little while, but right now I have had a lot of coffee.

Monday, 3 March 2008

A drawing of a coffee maker in Milwaukee, WI