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Liverpool, U.K.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Stayed at the “Life Hostel” last night, the home of Ellis, our young (age 22) promoter, and his younger girlfriend, Kat (age 17), and their ten house-mates. They were especially excited to see us because a mutual like of Neptune had been the first point of contact that eventually brought them together as a couple. As the evening wore on, an older couple, Lee and Liz (both 40-ish), befriended Ellis and Kat. Ellis said, “We don’t know them at all, but they’re sound people; they’ve been giving us really good drugs all night.” The evening culminated in a tedious visit to Lee and Liz’s flat after the show. Ellis and Kat were quite drunk and obviously very high on cocaine. Everyone had vodka and lemonades, except for Mark, who just sat and drew, and myself. I ate toast. When we finally left Kat confessed that Lee had propositioned her to join him and Liz for a threesome.

The show that evening had been a free show (we were paid), sponsored by MTV. Evidently the network had been tossing a lot of money around town because their annual MTV music awards ceremonies were happening in Liverpool.

a switch plate in Liverpool, U.K.