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London, U.K.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Played at Hokaben Festival 08 in London last night, which was organized by Dan Chandler, formerly of Hunting Lodge, now of the band, Dethscalator. He was the main organizer, and things were a bit chaotic at the venue. When we arrived we were an hour late, but Dan and all the other bands were just waiting outside because the club was still locked.

Despite many rough points, and almost no sound-checks (except for a couple of main-stage bands) the evening went off pretty well. There was little in the way of management during the night and the bands were largely left to self-regulate details such as start and end times for their sets. I think the reason things went as smoothly as they did was that Dan had chosen a selection of bands who were generally pretty D.I.Y. and used to operating without supervision.

Toward the end of the evening we found that Dan had forgotten to organize a place for us to stay, but he got his mate, Chris, to offer to put us up. Chris turned out to be ace; a really excellent and sweet guy who lives with one housemate, John. They rent a flat in a large apartment block that was built as a social housing project originally, but which was condo-ized and sold off during the Thatcher administration.

a switch plate in London, U.K.