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Paris, France

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Played at Le Klub, Paris last night and stayed with the promoter, Jerome, and his girlfriend, Sylvia. At first he was going to have us stay elsewhere because the landlord was coming around to inspect all the apartments today, but then Jerome decided it was alright since we were leaving so early (by 8 AM) for Bordeaux.

Jerome couldn’t quite make the agreed guarantee last night, paying us 350 € instead of 400 €. I couldn’t be upset, he is so nice and I didn’t want him to lose money on us. Also he is currently unemployed (he said he would be sending out some more C.V.’s today.) There were 103 paying customers to the show last night; had there been 120, Jerome would have been able to pay the bar and the other bands and pay us the full guarantee. As it was, he paid everyone, but was a bit short with us. It feels awkward when that happens. Should I be angry and demand more money from our gracious host? -No, I didn’t even realize our guarantee was so high for the Paris show. I would just prefer it if promoters would not set a figure that they can’t really guarantee… if he had just said 350 € from the start.

Jerome’s friend, Elisa, did the cooking for the bands, so Jerome didn’t quite break-even; he still owes her 20 € for the food, but there is no rush to pay her, he said. She made the best quiche I have ever tasted.

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