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Bordeaux, France

Thursday, 13 November 2008

After the show at La Central, Bordeaux, France, a young woman named Marie offered me some wine made from the flower of the Sambuka tree, of which her housemate had been the vintner. She was interested in talking to me in a way that made me think perhaps she was attracted. Marie may have had a few drinks and she became animated as our conversation turned to politics. She felt that the only thing different about Obama is the color of his skin, and that his policies would amount to the same as that which we have seen before. She thought him to be an empty symbol of change.

I disagreed and said that regardless of his politics and what he may or may not accomplish in office, the willingness of the American people to elect him, and the general feeling of hope among people I know, already reflects a profound change.

a wall socket in Bordeaux, France