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Toulouse, France

Friday, 14 November 2008 (drawing done 13 Nov.)

Last night Tibo got us onto a bill at Chez Paul’s, which is a performance space at Paul Sabatier University. The school is located about 10 kilometers outside of Toulouse. The night before, Yann had mentioned that the big university at Bordeaux is also located 10-20 kilometers outside the city, and that it had been moved out there decades ago as a response to the student actions of 1968.

I was surprised to find Paul Sabatier University to be a large, somewhat run-down kind of state school with forgettable modern architecture, not so dissimilar from someplace like U-Mass, but perhaps in slightly worse condition. The only men’s room I found had several clogged toilets, and one stall in which the toilet was completely missing; in its place, a pool of brown fecal-water. Somehow I thought it would be different in France.

Tibo arranged for us to stay at a squat in town. The squat is a sort of complex of several houses together within a gated area. In the main communal living room there were several computers, a fireplace that smelled of recent use, and a framed front-page newspaper article on the wall with the image of a graph depicting the recent stock market crash.

a wall socket in Toulouse, France