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Espoey, France

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Played in Lons, just outside Pau, France last night. The venue, Localypso, is a little converted garage space in a mostly industrial section of town, operated by a collective. Alexis is a member of the collective, and we stayed with him and his girlfriend, Gwen. They live about a half hour’s drive from Localypso, at the base of the Pyrenees in Alexis’ family home. After Alexis’ grandmother passed away the house was empty, so Alexis’ parents said he could live there for free. He is now the fifth generation to occupy this house. It is a good situation for him because he works only part-time at a high school and he has time to focus on music and the collective.

The collective has been around for just a few years and they hope to obtain some funding from the city soon, so that perhaps they can start to create some paid part-time positions. Right now they all just do it because it is what they like.

an extension cord in Espoey, France