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Marsaille, France

Monday, 17 November 2008 - Drawing

Tuesday, 18 November 2008 - Text

Driving into Marsaille at dusk, there was so much sprawl, and graffiti and urban decay, we all had a sinking feeling and were asking ourselves why we were returning here. The evening turned out to be great, however, and we all revised completely our opinion of Marsaille. Felix, one of the residents at L’Embobineuse, who had so terrorized Kevin on our last visit for failing to clean the toilet after he shit, was transformed this time. He looked younger. Gone was his harsh demeanor and Hitler-style moustache, replaced by warm smiles.

Throughout the evening, during both musical acts, and well beyond, Felix, assisted by a woman (I think she said her name is Kinoo), engaged in a continuous performance: Felix struck sensuous and provocative poses atop a large table, wearing only a pair of flesh-colored Speedos, while Kinoo removed all his body hair. Felix is a tall, hairy guy and it was a lengthy and involved procedure. First Kinoo used an electric razor to shave down the length of his hairs all over, then she applied adhesive strips, yanking them off to pull the stubble up by the roots. At last she cleaned up certain regions one hair at time with tweezers. During the adhesive yanking Felix sometimes yelped in pain when hairs were torn from a tender part, then he would laugh.

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