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Queen Kong Club, Neuchatel, Switzerland.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

At the Queen Kong Club in Neuchatel, Switzerland, we met Alan, an energetic guy with a seventies style moustache and large glasses who helped us unload equipment; Laurent, the DJ and poster designer who didn’t have a lot of English, but seemed to speak poetically and philosophically on any topic that came up; David, the more quiet but also friendly sound engineer who sported ten years of dread-lock growth trailing down to his buttocks; and Danny the friendly Dutch-Frenchman who helped at the bar and with cleaning.

The club was in a big building with practice spaces, a flat with various bedrooms for bands upstairs, another larger club with a big stage, and a restaurant.

On the main stage next door there was a big show with four bands. Dead Sexy, Inc. from Paris played, and also a band from Tokyo who I think were called Toxic Sonic, and two other bands. They all had eye make-up and hairspray and glam-punk outfits that looked as though they came from Hot Topic. Our show in the small room (Queen Kong Club) was only less than half full, but the big show next door had even fewer attendees. The bands, who shared the flat upstairs with us, were in good spirits, and to their credit they really threw themselves into the performance and put on a good show despite the lack of audience. The promoter for their show was friendly, but perhaps a bit bummed… maybe he lost a lot of money on the show.

Alan was the boss of the Queen Kong Club and paid us our guarantee at the end of the night. I asked him if he was losing money on us, since it wasn’t very full. He said they lost a bit, but that this was typical because it is a relatively new thing that they are open on Thursdays, and people still don’t know about it. Lately he said, they lose a little on Thursdays, but make it up on Friday and Saturday. If they are still losing money on Thursdays in six months, they will reconsider their plan. For now, he said he was very glad to have us anyway and we are welcome back.

a power strip in Neuchatel, Switzerland