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La Sarraz, Switzerland

Friday, 21 November 2008

For the first time we have toured Europe without playing Espace Autogere in Lausanne, Switzerland. At first we were supposed to play there, but then the show was moved because Espace is closed for renovation. Espace Autogere was a Pro rock club years ago that went out of business, but then was opened as a squatted club. No one lives there, but it is run by a collective. This last year they were feeling a bit burnt-out after many years of operating, and the collective decided it was time for some changes. They have some new members now, some new energy, and they decided to completely re-model inside: to move the bar and make the stage modular and a bit lower so that it could be suitable for other kinds of events besides only rock concerts.

Je’ was our contact for the show, and when he realized that Espace would not be ready, he moved the show to a venue called La Bille in the nearby village of La Sarraz. This was a fun show and some locals came as well as a number of people for Lausanne, who drove the twenty minutes to get there. La Bille is connected to an artist’s metal-working shop and there are lots of cool metal sculptures around the bar. Suspended over the entire bar is a big, metal track-system. In the corner of the room you can wind a crank that operates a ratcheting machine which sets in motion an enormous, two-foot diameter, steel pinball that rolls down the track, all overhead, around the room, through the system and back to its starting point. The people who operate the bar say that it has only ever fallen out of the track once.

a power outlet in La Sarraz, Switzerland