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Colmar, France

Saturday, 22 November 2008 - Drawing

Sunday, 23 November 2008 - Text

Last night was the large, pro-venue called Le Grillen in Colmar, France, near Strasbourg, with four other bands. I’ve never seen such quick change-overs between bands, with several stage hands helping to move amplifiers and drum equipment.

Our old friend, Pierre from Strasbourg organized the show. His little record shop went out of business a hear and a half ago, and now he has the official government job to be a concert organizer for the area. It is nice that the right man was chosen. He said he has been putting on about five shows a week, but that his girlfriend told him he needs to slow down.

The sound was really strange on the big stage at Le Grillen; so different from sound check. We requested no strobing or flashing lights, but there were still some roving, colored spots that moved around a bit and smoke from the smoke machine. We decided after the show that we should have Regina include in our rider “no flashing lights, no smoke machines.” That fake fog makes me cough.

One Second Riot were on the bill, and they played very well, but it as a bit incongruous to see Pierre Desenfant (from Lyon) on stage singing “I’m not a hero” with crazy, heroic green spots arcing across him and Arnaud, and piercing the wall of fog behind them.

a power outlet in Colmar, France