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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Monday, 9 March 2009

The OCCII, located at the end of the Vondel Park farthest away from the centrum of Amsterdam is a venue that has been there for many years. Originally squatted, it has now been legalized. Run mostly by volunteers, they have a bar and a room upstairs with a kitchen to cook for the bands. During the day they have kids programs: after school classes and workshops. Sjoerd (pronounced "S-yew-ard" - sounds a bit like "Steward") is the main guy in charge there and the only one who is actually paid for all the time he puts in. He took over the position some years ago when GRRRT tired of doing it. Arnold told us that Sjoerd had some previous experience in a similar position at another venue, and that he was the only one among the people involved interested in doing it and who had an interest in a broad enough range of musical styles.

a telephone in Amsterdam, The Netherlands