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Nancy, France

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Arnaud is one of that class of promoter peculiar to Europe who are yuppies, essentially, (I use the term descriptively, not in a derogatory sense) but who are interested in fringe kinds of music and seem naturally to combine these elements of the lives with no apparent disjuncture. In the U.S., when we meet a promoter who is enthusiastic about our music is typical that s/he would be living some kind of very alternative lifestyle, but here in Europe it is not uncommon to encounter a promoter who sets up experimental, noisy rock shows in the evening, and then goes to some very straight, usually kind of design-oriented office job the next day. And in the case of Arnaud, invites us to stay in his beautiful, top-floor, one-bedroom flat right in the center of downtown Nancy, where tall, sky-lighted ceilings display enormous, exposed wooden beams, perhaps 400 years old, and the whole thing looks ready for a Design Today photo-shoot.

a telephone in Nancy, France