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Geneva, Switzerland

Thursday, 12 March 2009

It has been a few years since we made it to Geneva. The squat that we played at last time was closed down about two years ago, but Sixto and Marion have continued to organize shows at various locations, still under the name of Cave 12. It was sad when the original location closed. It was not just a venue, but an entire complex, where families were living, -a whole squatting community. Marion said that the tried squatting again after that, but that it has become impossible in Geneva. Now they have been working with the city, and they finally have been offered a place of their own to rent to continue putting on cultural events. At first they weren't sure how the could do it because the place is barren of everything, even water and electricity. But now they have some funding and the city will handle the expense of building it out, while leaving Sixto and Marion free to decide the specifics of how that will be done. It is great to see cultural funding going to two such deserving people, but it has been a very long wait for them and they have not yet arrived.

a telephone in Geneva, Switzerland