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Linz, Austria

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

In Linz, I received a e-mail from Marco in Napoli. He asked whether I had made it to the restaurant he had recommended in order to experience the real pizza of Napoli, the original pizza. He had been eager that we try the real thing since we had been eating these burnt imposters in Bari and other parts of Italy. I replied that I hadn't made it to the particular restaurant he suggested, but that I did try some Napolese pizza while I was there, and it was pretty good, if a bit runny. "We did have an amazing pizza the other night, " I continued, "in Bratislava. It was covered in canned corn and white asparagus."

When he wrote back the tone was pure disgust, "You should not have told me this."

a telephone in Linz, Austria