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Graz, Austria

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

In Graz, Andreas recalled the drawing I had done of this two-shot, stove-top espresso maker two and a half years ago. I told him that this tour I was painting telephones. He said, "Wait, I have the one for you to paint...If I can find it." He searched through his stacks of junk for a few minutes and then produced this fine specimen of early 90's cellular technology.

Later, over several coffees, our conversation turned to the economy. He told me how a professor of his once had explained that if you thought of banks as mechanisms, or devices, and engineer could tell you that the money you put in the bank cannot go on and on accruing interest forever, "at some point is must hit a wall. And yet, no one can imagine an economy that does not grow. This is the problem."

a telephone in Graz, Austria