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don't look at me with
those hospital eyes
don't look at me, don't give me
your diagnoses

my cure is a text book case
I can take it
I can make my blood
(I can make my blood)
I can make my blood

I'm building tiny igloos
underneath my skin
I've got to dig in, I've got to dig in
I've got to save one of everything
they've got so many words for snow

one half of the icy skies
don't look at me, don't look
a slow I.V. drip

this line is the horizon (siko-siko-siko-siko)
it's a blood line, frozen (siko-siko-siko-siko)
it's a house made out of snow (siko-siko-siko-siko)
this saline is cold (siko-siko-siko-siko)

his teeth were crystal thin
and I thought I could love him
each word he spoke I froze
beneath my skin