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The Penetrating Gaze

like drinking chalk
while they were watching
eyes were around him
it made him nervous
seeing the barium
passing through his skin
tracing a hallway
connecting his mouth and
conjoining intestine
now he was nervous
eyes were inside him
imaging systems
looked right inside him
physicians looked through him
saw right inside him
he felt uneasy
this was not easy
now they would probe him
in through the out door
hospital gown left
open the back door
fingers and latex
moisten the entrance
eyes right inside him
prehensile vision
tentacular eyes are
inside his business
a history of cancer
inside the family
it's never too early
advanced diagnostic
eye crystallizes
conditions within him

it's fiberoptic
the eye on this snake, it's
the eye of science
snakes slither in and
snakes slither out
snakes slither out from
mouth and ass hole
into the earth and
down through a mouse hole
a garden of mice and
worms inside him
a luncheon for snakes
penetrating inside him
mechanical snake with
ruby red eye
crystallizes the vision
of physicians inside